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    We provide free and unbiased news, research, best practices and practical how-to advice for marketers, business developers and executives who want to make more out of their existing customer base.
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    The Best Customer Guide provides a fully-featured text and context-based search engine that helps you find exactly what you need, when you need it, along with intelligent relevance scoring, time span options, and categorised inclusion/exclusion rules.
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    We bring you the latest news and developments throughout the industry, world-wide. We comb the newswires and keep in touch with all the major players so you'll always be first to know what's going on.
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    Here you'll find all the latest research, facts, figures, charts, tables and statistics you need to help steer business-critical decisions. We seek out research from every market worldwide so you'll always be ready to strategise effectively.
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    Our expert panel of industry veterans and best customer marketing gurus will guide you through all the key concepts, strategies, techniques and best practices you need to make the most of every single customer.
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    Our panel of industry experts have gathered together a variety of ideas, analysis, best practices, forecasts, trends and predicitions to help you map out the best ways to turn every customer into a Best Customer.
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    Don't miss the industry's most important shows, conferences, exhibitions, webinars and networking opportunities! We keep an always up-to-date listing of all the major events you need to know about, and we're always happy to list any that you've heard about that aren't already on our list!
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    Free and unbiased news, research, best practices and practical how-to advice for marketers, business developers and executives who want to make more out of their existing customer base.
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What is The Best Customer Guide?

We provide our members with free and unbiased news, research, know-how, as well as hard-to-find facts & figures to help you make more out of your customers, turning new or average customers into 'Best Customers', and then acquiring even more customers like them. Sign up free here.

A Sustainable Customer-Profit Strategy

We explain and illustrate all the 'Best Customer Management' (BCM) strategies, techniques & technologies you'll need for your marketing, advertising, retail and online operations, customer segmentation, risk profiling, competitor analysis & response, data management & analysis, supply chain & logistics, financial analysis, management buy-in & reporting, IT platforms, human resources and much more!