In today's globalised, digital world a deep understanding of customer management techniques developed across multiple program types, technologies & cultures is now a prerequisite to success for both brands and technology vendors, and Customer Loyalty is one of the most rapidly changing areas in business with developments in digital having a direct impact on companies & consumers alike. Consequently, several leading independent customer loyalty practitioners from across the globe have come together to launch the Customer Strategy Network (CSN). This article is copyright 2019 The Best Customer Guide.

While innovation and regulation are driving change, the ubiquitous nature of customer loyalty, together with the need to maintain resilience and confidence in the integrity of customer data & privacy means that such change is often constrained. This is the reason behind the formation of the Customer Strategy Network.

The Customer Strategy Network aims to provide a completely new approach that is uniquely placed to provide expert, independent advice that spans all aspects of customer loyalty marketing gained directly from hands-on experience working with leading brands and technology vendors workdwide.

Members of the Customer Strategy Network are now offering a global consulting service tailored for each industry segment and delivered by established practitioners who are expert in all aspects of loyalty - from customer engagement strategy to decisions regarding solutions development, product management, commercial investment and market optimisation.

Customer Strategy Network members have led the development and roll out of major customer management initiatives with a number of leading brands including the following:

  • Avios
  • American Express
  • Marriott
  • O2

In addition to strategic consulting, specific packages that can be offered by Customer Strategy Network members include:

  • Customised training; covering all aspects of loyalty marketing training needs
  • Loyalty vendor benchmarking; across platform types & capability
  • Advice on GDPR compliance; both existing & new programs

Members of the Customer Strategy Network include industry veterans Bill Hanifin, Mike Capizzi and Mike Atkin, current Loyalty Magazine Awards judges Nicole Wilhelm and Paula Thomas, along with ex-AIMIA senior business leader Simon Rowles and leading GDPR expert Richard Dutton.

"The challenges presented by globalised digital customers require innovative solutions developed across multiple markets and cultures," said Nick Chambers, a partner with the Customer Strategy Network. "The Customer Strategy Network brings together leading practitioners with invaluable global experience of both the successes and pitfalls involved in developing digital experiences that drive customer behaviours."

For more details about the CSN's individual members and their experience, visit: