Of more than 1,500 shoppers surveyed, 98% said that shipping impacts their loyalty to brands, with 84% saying they are unlikely to return after a single negative experience - a 34% percent increase in a single year - according to the third annual consumer expectations study from experience management software firm Convey. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

The way a retailer responds to a negative situation can have a positive impact on repeat purchases. Consumers who cite previous delivery experiences as a key factor in their retailer selection are 60% more likely to return to a brand that has positively resolved a prior issue.

"Delivery expectations have clearly increased year-over-year as Amazon continues to raise the bar, and customers are taking the bait," said Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, chief marketing officer at Convey. "Today, simply tracking a package isn't enough. Retailers and brands that want to thrive need to invest in people, processes and tools that positively impact last mile delivery and customer loyalty."

Among other findings from the survey:

  • Cost is Top of Mind: 62% cite cost as the most important factor in delivery
  • Retailers Must Own Up to Delivery Delays
    87% expect brands to make amends when they miss a delivery date, while 52% expect a refund or discount on shipping costs.
  • Scheduling and Routing Options are Critical
    55% need to reschedule appointment windows at least 20% of the time, and 70% expect to be able to make some kind of routing change, whether to a new address, terminal or pick up locker (a 41% increase).
  • Customers Prefer Private Channels for Negative Feedback
    98% want to self-serve or interact with a brand to resolve delivery issues, while 89% want to provide feedback when they have a negative delivery experience, and 42% cited email as their preferred channel for feedback (compared to only 28% who prefer customer service phone lines).

The full report, entitled Last Mile Delivery: What Shoppers Want and How to #SaveRetail, has been made available for free download from Convey's web site, here: https://go.getconvey.com/save-retail