Retailers view converting 'one-and-done' shoppers into recurring customers as very important for their business, and expect that recurring revenue programs will form a significant driver of revenue in 2019, according to a study commissioned by Ordergroove. This article is copyright 2019 The Best Customer Guide.

The study, entitled "Retail 2019: The Year of the Recurring Revenue Model", found that recurring revenue programs - such as subscriptions, reordering, and membership programs - enable brands to transform shopping experiences from one-time consumer transactions to frictionless, recurring relationships that drive predictable, profitable revenue streams.

Key findings from the study, which surveyed retail leaders representing companies with an annual revenue exceeding $100 million, included:

  • 83% of retail leaders surveyed agree that converting one-and-done buyers into recurring customers is very important for their overall retail strategy.
  • 54% expect significant growth in revenue in 2019 and beyond from recurring customer purchases.
  • 65% of respondents offer subscription programs; an additional 22% are thinking of adding them in 2019.

Value for Consumers
Retailers are experiencing a clear correlation between recurring customer purchases and customer satisfaction, with 86% of respondents indicating that their subscription customers are more satisfied than their non-subscription customers. Additionally, more than half state their overall Net Promoter Scorehas increased since launching subscription offerings.

"In today's on-demand world, consumers have more choices than ever and are choosing those retailers and brands who make their lives' easier," said Greg Alvo, CEO for Ordergroove. "Retailers who are not investing in frictionless relationship commerce programs are merely acquiring customers and absorbing the Cost of Customer Acquisition, only to lose profitability and Lifetime Valueto Amazon. Amazon's investments in programs like Prime for memberships, Subscribe & Save for subscriptions, Dash for IoT reordering and Alexa for voice reordering are all part of a master plan to build a recurring revenue business centered around the highest level of consumer convenience."

The full report has been made available for download from OrderGroove's web site, here: