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Womply, a provider of front office software for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has unveiled 'Customer Engagement', an automated email marketing engine that aims to help small businesses attract and retain customers with less time and effort. This article is copyright 2017 The Best Customer Guide.

"Customer Engagement is a tool that addresses the biggest concerns for small business owners: getting more customers, making enough money, and saving time," said Womply President Cory Capoccia. "On average, small businesses spend 80 hours and $400 per month on marketing to attract and retain customers. We're on a mission to help SMBs get better results in these vital areas while simultaneously saving time and money."

With Customer Engagement, small businesses simply upload a customer contact list and let technology do the rest. Customer Engagement automatically sends timely, targeted emails designed to:

  • Welcome new customers, and thank existing ones for their business.
  • Win back customers who haven't purchased from the company in a while.
  • Build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business through holiday reminders, birthday wishes, and more.
  • Gather feedback, encourage online reviews, and even help customers make reservations.

Users can track campaign performance with a simple dashboard that includes key metrics such as emails sent and opened, and online reviews started as a result of customer messages delivered. Marketing campaign performance summaries are also emailed to the merchant on a weekly and monthly basis.

"The research is clear that consumers want a better connection with the businesses they patronize," Capoccia explained. "Customers expect a more personalized experience, but business owners have struggled to deliver because they haven't had the tools or the time. Customer Engagement makes it simpler and easier to create more valuable connections between consumers and local businesses."

Customer Engagement is part of 'Womply Insights', a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the SMB front office.