Americans use many different kinds of media on a daily basis, so reaching them everywhere is critical, according to financial technology and marketing services provider Kasasa, which has put forward the case for financial institutions maximizing every digital marketing channel and creating a cohesive customer experience to improve relationships with consumers. This article is copyright 2020 The Best Customer Guide.

To keep pace with the digital world, marketing moves much faster than it used to across multiple channels. Failing to create a cohesive, personalized experience across all channels can cause community financial institutions to lose sales and tarnish the brand's reputation. In fact, the company warns, around 80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers a personalized experience than from one that does not.

With traditional methods becoming more expensive and slowly losing its reach, there is no question that it is important that community financial institutions find a way to meet consumers where they are to provide this personalized experience without wasting marketing dollars on consumers who will not be interested.

The majority (88%) of financial marketers are using two or more marketing technology platforms but 40% need a better strategy and 36% say they need more training. By finding the right partner, community financial institutions can create holistic marketing programs.

"If a consumer's journey through the sales cycle is a race, the last thing community financial institutions want is a roadblock," said Keith Brannan, Kasasa's Chief Marketing Officer. "Every touchpoint along a user's journey needs to be of the same high caliber, with personalization and consistency. Creating a personalized, cohesive experience that maximizes all marketing channels will help community financial institutions compete to take back market share from megabanks."