Customer experiences that are simple and seamless never go out of style. If an experience resonates and has impact, companies will always try to find ways to rejuvenate and contemporise it so it applies to new generations and untapped audiences, according to the quarterly executive journal of customer experience (CX) technology firm TTEC Holdings, which features ideas and findings about the customer experience from industry innovators. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

The journal, entitled 'The Innovation Effect', shows how innovation and adaptation are working hand-in-hand in ways big and small to improve the customer experience.

The concepts of personalization, one-to-one relationships, and the importance of understanding individual customers have been around since commerce began, but what has changed is the scale at which companies now must support these individual relationships.

"This change to the customer experience, this need to be consistent in real-time and relevant across all digital touchpoints and channels, requires companies to innovate and adapt very quickly," said Tony Tsai, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, TTEC. "By taking the best of today's technology innovation and matching it with the timeless best practices of human-touch customer service, companies are creating captivating customer experiences at scale."

This journal also shows how companies have revamped old products and processes or started with a fresh approach to serve customers in new ways, including how companies are now able to deliver "CX in a Box", along with a summary of the main trends driving CRM innovation.

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