The luxury car maker Maserati is employing artificial intelligence networks and blockchain technology to help "perfect the customer experience" and to achieve a unified view of its customers for an optimized customer journey and better customer service. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

In the Greater China region, one of Maserati's largest markets, the brand is working with Chinapex, a data technology company providing artificial intelligence and blockchain for marketing, personalization, and CRM, to adopt cutting-edge technologies such as predictive machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning to produce in-depth insights regarding customer satisfaction, engagement, and overall customer experience.

A suite of platforms are being used, including IQ, Chinapex's flagpship AI platform, combined with integration with Salesforce and other online and offline data sources using APEX Data Connector (Chinapex's proprietary data middleware technology). Maserati has been a customer of Chinapex since 2016 with existing data-driven marketing technologies (NEXUS), but this is the first time the brand has used artificial intelligence.

There are several emerging technologies due to be rolled out by Chinapex later in 2018, focused on the next generation of B2C applications and interactions, aiming to produce enriched and fully-compliant consumer data insights, which will then be fed into IQ to augment the value of its existing machine learning models. This will extend the scope of consumer insights to those outside of Maserati's existing client base.