More than half of the consumers surveyed by Metova (a mobile and connected home solutions provider) said they would choose one company over another based on the mobile experience they offered, and a noteworthy 70% said it is "very important" that companies and brands they do business with have a "great" mobile experience. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

The survey was conducted to examine what appears to be a growing shift from 'mobile friendly' to 'mobile first' in the communication channels and touch-points offered by companies and brands when trying to reach their target audiences.

Among the key findings of the Key Mobile First survey:

  • Nearly three in four consumers say it is very important that a company they do business with has a great mobile experience.
  • More than half would choose one company over another based solely on the mobile experience they offer.
  • Surprisingly, food delivery was the most requested 'mobile first' service.
  • Almost one in three consumers said they would be interested in voting via smartphone, if that service was offered.

"Many industries that have traditionally relied on the web, call centers, or even direct mail to conduct business are quickly finding their customers are looking elsewhere," warned Jonathan Sasse, CMO for Metova. "As smartphones have become the primary point of engagement, consumers expect businesses to provide a full set of services through mobile devices, browsers and apps, along with all the usual functionality of communications, billing, identity verification, image capture, location services, and so on."