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The price of providing a great Customer Experience (CX) is likely to become a key focus globally, rather than companies simply concentrating on the experience itself, according to the '2020 CX Trends' e-book from Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS). This article is copyright 2020 The Best Customer Guide.

Each year, HGS publishes a list of top customer experiencetrends-an on-the-ground forecast of what consumers are demanding in terms of their customer service experiences, and what brands have to deliver in order to stay competitive in the new year. HGS created the list in partnership with a respected group of industry thought leaders, brands, analysts, and consultants including Ember Group, DXL Big+Tall Men's Apparel, NelsonHall, Ryan Advisory, Execs in the Know, Frost & Sullivan, HFS Research, and Funai Corporation.

After the final list was compiled, the key learning was clear: as the CX industry undergoes transformation driven by technology, innovation and consumer demand, in order to succeed brands must find the balance between enabling great CX and directing capital, time and attention to competing priorities.

The e-book highlights the top ten trends, covering topics related to contact center operations, challenges and strategic priorities for the coming year.

Here's a quick look at three of the biggest trends in customer experience, according to the expert opinions shared in the 2020 HGS CX trends report:

  • Trend 1
    CX Economic Maturity - The Focus is Shifting from "Why CX?" to "How Much?". The economics of good (versus bad) service are becoming clearer, quantifiable and irrefutable.
  • Trend 2
    Customer Data Platforms & Journey Analytics for a 360-Degree View. Winning brands will invest in a technology stack based on a strategy that optimizes personalization, and it starts with understanding the customer.
  • Trend 3
    AI & Automation That Enhance Live Advisor Support...Without Comprising CX. AI and machine learning technology can enhance live advisor support and help overcome the industry-wide problem of costly, high labor attrition due to mundane, repetitive tasks.

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