Lightspeed, a provider of omnichannel point of sale software, solutions and support systems for over 49,000 independent retailers and restaurants, has revealed several key discoveries regarding consumer shopping and dining habits for the summer season. One insight revealed that physical retail is still the most prevalent form for both Americans (36%) and Canadians (47%), even amidst the growing popularity of online shopping and food ordering. This article is copyright 2019 The Best Customer Guide.

With July 2019 being Independent Retailer Month, Lightspeed conducted the 'Summer Shopping Habits Survey' and 'Summer Dining Habits Survey', with key findings including:

  • Over half of North Americans spend up to US$250 per summer shopping trip: 52% of Canadians and 53% of Americans drop between US$ to US$250 per shopping excursion
  • Food quality is the most important factor to a positive dining experience
    Nearly 60% of North Americans stated that food quality is their most important consideration for a positive dining experience, followed by customer service for Americans, and price for Canadians
  • North Americans are spending most of their summer money on food
    Both Canadians (41%) and Americans (42%) spend the most money on food during the summer, followed by clothing and apparel, supplies for hobbies and home furnishings
  • Americans spend more in the winter, Canadians spend more in the summer
    Over 36% of Canadians spend the most money on shopping and dining in the summer, whereas over 36% of Americans spend the most in the winter
  • The majority of North Americans anticipate spending hundreds of dollars per summer month on eating out: 28% of both Canadians and Americans believe they will spend between US$100-$300 at foodservice establishments per month between June and August

The 2019 Summer Shopping Habits Survey and 2019 Summer Dining Habits Survey each polled approximately 2,000 consumers, equally divided between the US and Canada, with the goal of generating a deeper understanding of consumers' shopping and dining behaviour during the summer season.