Service Management Group, a global customer, patient and employee experience management partner to more than 500 brands, has announced enhancements to its digital customer experience solution to help clients collect unsolicited feedback from both purchasers and non-purchasers and provide a fast, frictionless digital experience. This article is copyright 2020 The Best Customer Guide.

With 87% of consumers starting their product searches online, the digital channel is often a brand's first touchpoint with a new customer. Combine the proliferation of digital with rising consumer expectations, and brands simply can't afford to leave gaps in their customer experience management strategies.

To ensure the digital experience lives up to the in-store experience, SMG has introduced enhancements to several features in its expanded digital experience offering:

  • Site intercept survey
    Designed to capture both purchaser and non-purchaser feedback data, the highly customizable survey allows brands to uncover insights that help drive conversion
  • Feedback tab: The always-on feedback invitation is an unsolicited way for customers to provide real-time feedback about website functionality and usability
  • Integration with session replay
    To provide deeper user experience insights and boost conversions, recorded website sessions surface pain points and link sessions to feedback scores for added context
  • Meta data options: Data points collected from website visitors and linked to web analytics provide advanced insights about the customer journey

With digital behavior data and feedback signals available in the smg3 platform alongside solicited and unsolicited XM feedback from other channels, brands are able to get a holistic view of the customer journey. Multi-source reporting presents all feedback channels in a single dashboard, making it easy for users to identify which channels are performing well, determine where there is room for improvement and better understand the gap in behaviors between non-purchasers and highly satisfied customers.

"With more ways to interact with brands than ever before, consumers want-and expect-a frictionless experience," said SMG Chief Operating Officer, Ken White. "Through offerings like our digital experience solution, we're helping brands listen better, uncover buyer friction, surface insights and deliver a more consistent cross-channel experience."