You heard it here first: 2015 will be 'the Year of the Employee', according to customer experience thought leader Bruce Temkin, managing partner for Temkin Group, who has published his annual list of customer experience trends to watch. This article is copyright 2015 The Best Customer Guide.

As companies increasingly focus on customer experience, they will start to recognise the need to make internal changes as well as external changes. But perhaps most importantly, successful Customer Experience (CX) efforts will hinge on the idea that the key ingredient for success is the company's employees.

The top CX trends highlighted by Temkin include:

  1. Corporate Culture Conversations
    Great things can happen when culture is aligned with the objectives of an organisation. In 2015, expect to see even more executives trying to build a customer-centric culture.
  2. CX Training & Engagement
    In 2015, as companies look to provide clear CX orientation to their employees, expect to see a sharp increase in the demand for CX training courses.
  3. Voice of the Customer Renovations
    One of the most powerful forces inside an organisation is clear feedback from customers. In 2015, expect a lot of companies to evaluate and revamp their voice of the customer programmes.
  4. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile! Formulations
    In 2015, we'll see more collaborative economy activity from providers such as Uber and Airbnb, as well as an increase of traditional companies embedding mobile devices into their existing offerings and operational processes.
  5. Brand evaluations
    We expect that in 2015, many companies will hit this brand wall and recognise the need to re-evaluate their brands.
  6. Customer Journey Deliberations
    In 2015, expect to see many more companies using customer journey maps, and we expect more mature organisations to adopt the customer journey mind-set.
  7. Contact Centre Loyalty Aspirations
    In 2015, expect many organisations to extract insights from their contact centre interactions using text analytics and speech analytics.
  8. Human Resources Participation
    In 2015, as employees become the central focus, we'll see some HR groups stepping up to drive key areas of the CX transformation within their companies, including the critical focus on employee engagement.