With 20% of all e-commerce traffic now coming from mobile in the UK it could be expected that most retailers are taking m-commerce seriously and providing their customers with an optimised mobile channel, but this is not the case according to the 'UK Retailer Mobile Optimisation' report from digital in-store technology firm Skava. This article is copyright 2014 The Best Customer Guide.

The report found that, despite the ongoing surge in mobile traffic, one quarter of the top 100 UK retailers have yet to optimise their e-commerce websites for mobile devices. Although, this is a 26% increase on the 50% of UK retailers who had optimised for mobile by March 2013, UK retailers still lag behind the US, where 100% of the top US retailers have already optimised the channel.

According to eMarketer's latest forecasts, worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales will increase by 20.1% in 2014, reaching US$1.5 trillion. In the US, 12% of overall e-commerce revenue is now made up of m-commerce sales. In 2013, UK retailer Argos received £400 million in m-commerce sales, accounting for 10% of the company's overall online sales. However, on average, the top 20 UK retailers saw only 5% of their revenue coming from m-commerce, according to the 2013 Internet Retailer Global Mobile 500 report.

"In Europe, some retailers are still arguing about the importance of mobile as a significant source of revenue. The increase in e-commerce revenue overall is masking the loss of revenue through poorly converting mobile websites," warned Arish Ali, Skava's CEO and co-founder. "Simply creating a mobile website is no longer efficient, but retailers must build mobile optimized websites with a conversion-first approach."

The report also warned that the launch of a mobile website is not the end of a retailer's mobile strategy; rather it is the very beginning. Like e-commerce websites before them, mobile sites and apps require constant updates based on analysis of user behaviours to create a completely seamless shopping experience for the customer.

"Mobile is the fastest growing sector of e-commerce, yet this data suggests that retailers have still to adapt to the changing landscape," concluded Paul Morrison, UK manager for Skava. "M-commerce has increased 78% over the past year and those innovative retailers which have moved beyond their first-generation 'scraped static site' to a conversion-driven mobile design are reaping the rewards."