Two-thirds (66%) of consumers care more about experiences than price when choosing a brand from which to purchase, according to the Experience Impact Report from data-driven marketing agency Merkle, which analysed how and why the Customer Experience (CX) affects where consumers choose to spend their money. This article is copyright 2019 The Best Customer Guide.

Additionally, over half (52%) of online shoppers reported having stopped shopping on a brand website due to poor site experience.

Nike, Amazon, and Apple were cited as the top mentioned brands for delivering a personalized experience.

These customer-centric brands were also the top mentioned for delivering the best online experience, with Amazon cited by over half of respondents for being fast and easy, as well as its overall customer service.

"Now more than ever, consumers expect brands to offer personalized and seamless experiences," said Rives Martin, manager, customer intelligence & brand strategy, Merkle. "Marketers must focus on developing experiences that place customers squarely at the center. It begins with a comprehensive understanding of the entire customer journey, which allows marketers to learn and respond to the interests and needs of their customers. This ultimately results in more valuable, lasting relationships that lead to competitive advantage."