NICE today announced the availability of online access to a new Net Promoter Masterclass by NICE Satmetrix, the leading global provider of customer feedback management software and the co-creator of NPS. The training in Net Promoter methodology was developed for NICE Satmetrix by strategic partner Owen CX specifically to help companies succeed in today's rapidly evolving digital business environment. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

The self-paced online training and toolkit covers the critical elements of an NPS-driven customer feedback management program. Units cover topics including data excellence, using analytics to derive value from data, taking action to drive change, engaging the organization and structuring a program for success. Students earn a certificate of completion and have ongoing access to the tools and materials. The Net Promoter Masterclass equips customer experience program leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to drive program and business success.

Customers of NICE Satmetrix use the company's customer feedback management software to collect customer feedback data via direct and indirect channels; extract role-specific, actionable insights using the application's superior analytics and drive responsive action and change by engaging the entire organization. Access to the Net Promoter Masterclass is built into the software to guide success and innovation for NICE Satmetrix customers.

Companies and individuals who don't yet use NICE Satmetrix software to run their customer feedback programs can still take advantage of the Net Promoter Masterclass through a subscription to NICE Satmetrix Academy & Research. Learn more and sign up on the company's web site.

To develop the Net Promoter Masterclass, NICE Satmetrix looked to its strategic partnership with Owen CX Group, a customer experience advisory and data analytics firm. Led by Richard Owen, who co-authored Answering the Ultimate Question: How Net Promoter Can Transform Your Business, the Owen CX team builds on more than 15 years of hands-on experience with Net Promoter programs to deliver contemporary models for NPS success in today's increasingly digital market.

"Guiding companies to success with Net Promoter methodology has long been a professional passion of mine," said Richard Owen, founder and CEO of Owen CX Group. "Taking the time to refine and rework a decade and a half of hard-won expertise for the digital age has been eye-opening, and I'm delighted to collaborate with NICE Satmetrix to make this latest offering widely available online."

"While our software is the core driver of our customers' successful voice of the customer programs, the Net Promoter training and expertise offered by NICE Satmetrix have always had an important role to play in enabling customer experience success," said Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Group. "We're also pleased to partner with Owen CX to complement the expertise of our own product, consulting and service teams. I firmly believe that our customers and subscribers will benefit from this innovative work and invite those unfamiliar with NICE Satmetrix to delve into the cornerstones of a good customer feedback program."