Execs In The Know, a community of senior brand leaders dedicated to customer experience, have announced the details of their next national event, the Customer Response Summit (CRS) in New Orleans, USA. The Summit will be held from February 4th - 6th, 2019. This article is copyright 2019 The Best Customer Guide.

Customer engagement, AI, emotional loyalty, advanced technologies, and other CX (customer experience) topics will be covered over three days of discussion, case studies, panels, and small group presentations. The conference will include keynotes from executives at Tesla, HomeAway at Expedia, and Peloton. Other leading corporate brands that will speak at the customer care event include Quicken Loans, Waymo, Square, Symantec, Groupon, Marriott, and more.

The Customer Response Summit brings customer service senior leaders across varied brands and verticals together, with the objective of bringing excellent customer experience alive in their own organizations. The three-day Summit will feature top-tier brands sharing insights, engaging in networking opportunities, and presenting real-world CX solutions.

What's in it for me?
Today's competitive landscape is becoming more and more focused on Customer Experience across the enterprise. For service leaders this means delivering meaningful customer engagement across all channels. Innovative technology, enhanced processes, and empowered agents are essential to build a customer interaction that not only delivers, but also strengthens loyalty and increases satisfaction. Exceptional leaders are harnessing the power of the service channel through data, tools, and resources, to reinvent customer experience across their brand. It's time to join these leaders and amplify your customer care strategy.

At Customer Response Summit, you will not find a large trade show, with a wide net of topics. Rather, you will find a laser focused discussion for customer experience leaders. You will find sessions designed to promote candid conversation and one-to-one engagement, with your industry peers. Hear from and network with organizations that are on the forefront of customer service greatness.

For the full agenda and registration details, visit the event's web site: https://www.execsintheknow.com/events/crs-new-orleans/

According to Chad McDaniel, President and CEO for Execs In The Know, "We attract innovative brand leaders, making it a diverse and dynamic group of people whose main goal is to 'move the needle' and achieve the next level of CX greatness."