The New Zealand mobile phone network provider Vodafone has announced that its loyal customers have now redeemed more than 5.5 million rewards since the launch of its loyalty programme one year ago. This article is copyright 2015 The Best Customer Guide.

The 5.5 million rewards have included 2-for-1 movie deals, exclusive movie premieres, sports events and special Prepay deals, as well as some unique experiences such as blind dates with members of the Vodafone Warriors and behind-the-scenes access to international artists.

Avid movie-goer Jasmine Pearson from Tauranga, for example, redeemed 2-for-1 movie tickets almost every week since the launch of the initiative - joining thousands of other Kiwis taking up the Hoyts deal.

Vodafone Consumer Director, Matt Williams, said that - unlike some other loyalty programmes - Vodafone's Fantastic Fridays programme delivers many of its rewards almost instantly, with mobile devices playing a key part in the redemption strategy.

"Almost 80% of our customers have a smartphone and they're using their devices to redeem their Vodafone Fantastic Fridays offers: 95% of prepay deals and 65% of movie tickets are redeemed via a mobile device. Given smartphone adoption is increasing all the time, we expect 100% of Fantastic Fridays customers will be using digital self-service to access their deals in the next 2 years," said Williams.

A year's worth of Vodafone Fantastic Fridays redemptions has also revealed a lot about the passions and pastimes of Kiwis. Presales for Ed Sheeran's concert have proved extremely popular, selling out Vodafone's 8,000 premium tickets in just a few hours, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet's Vodafone season of a Christmas Carol saw all the tickets redeemed in under 48 hours.

Matt Williams says the company has been focused on developing its unique loyalty programme and is blown away by how many Kiwis have taken up the rewards. "We reward people with things they love purely for being a Vodafone customer. Great rewards are crucial, but it's also making sure our customers are the first to grab tickets to the best concerts and have access to that money-can't-buy experience - like meeting Six60 or Lorde after their performances," concluded Williams.