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The US-based fuel loyalty firm Excentus is resuming its previous relationship with Southeastern Grocers (SEG). Featuring cents-per-gallon savings at Shell, the company's new and improved loyalty program, 'SE Grocers Rewards', will also offer the grocer's customers the ability to save on groceries at its more than 575 major supermarket stores beginning this summer. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

SE Grocers rewards will give customers the opportunity to earn points on purchases made at BI-LO, Fresco y MAfis, Harveys and Winn-Dixie stores, and redeem those points for savings on groceries and on fuel at participating Shell and other select fuel stations.

Bringing back fuel savings and more perks
According to a consumer survey conducted prior to the transition of the loyalty program, many Southeastern Grocers' shoppers valued the ability to redeem their rewards for savings on fuel, specifically at Shell stations. Most consumers ranked savings on fuel and on groceries as providing greater value than other types of rewards. This sentiment aligns with broader market trends in North America; U.S. consumers consistently rank fuel savings as one of their preferred loyalty currencies according the Road to Rewards 2017 report and survey.

Everyday value and simplicity
The decision by Southeastern Grocers to include the Excentus-powered Fuel Rewards program and its currency is further proof that multi-merchant loyalty strategies are successful - provided they deliver real value to customers. The simplicity of programs like SE Grocers rewards and the strength of fuel savings as a rewards currency resonates strongly with U.S. consumers, and that is reflected in Southeastern Grocers' decision to work with Excentus.

"At its core, loyalty is about understanding your customers and giving them relevant, worthwhile rewards in exchange for their business," said Brandon Logsdon, President of Excentus. "Southeastern Grocers learned that their customers found great value in both cents-per-gallon fuel savings and savings on grocery purchases, and we"re proud to create a program that meets both SEG's and their customers' needs."