Many brands, large and small, struggle with staying connected to their customers. And in a competitive job market, keeping the best talent engaged is often a challenge. To stay on top of both challenges there is one question all brands should ask themselves, continually: Do they care? A new book, Do They Care, aims to help founders, senior executives, and branding, marketing, and human resources leaders understand how their brands can earn the care and devotion of those integral to success. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

The book focuses on employees, customers, media, and the community at large. It also devotes a full chapter to the issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions. Do They Care concludes with some tough questions for readers around how much they themselves care.

Author Douglas Spencer's fascination with brand strategy began when he was young, through his parents' enthusiasm for the Cadillac brand. To Douglas' father, a boy during The Great Depression, the Cadillac brand was a symbol that guided his dreams towards success.

"I was looking for common denominators that all brands share, common denominators that no one has explored yet, and I realized that caring is the base feeling behind all brand loyalty," Spencer explained.

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