To help its clients build up, nurture, and retain their loyal customers, Oracle has extended its Oracle CX Cloud Suite with the addition of the Oracle Loyalty platform, which helps customer experience professionals to engage and delight their customers with personalized loyalty programs spanning every phase of the customer lifecycle. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

As customers expect and experiment more, it is increasingly hard for organizations to deliver experiences that build and maintain customer loyalty. To help address this challenge, Oracle Loyalty enables organizations to deliver relevant, unified omnichannel loyalty programs that are seamlessly integrated with existing customer experience initiatives. As a result, customer experience professionals can quickly and easily take advantage of loyalty programs to innovate faster and accelerate customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

According to Oracle, its loyalty platform allows loyalty program managers to build and manage loyalty programs that are:

  • Innovative
    Customer experience professionals can move faster and help improve customer profitability with rapid loyalty program deployment and simplified usability.
  • Unified
    Customer experience professionals can deliver amazing unified omnichannel loyalty experiences with pre-built integrations and REST APIs that seamlessly integrate loyalty program initiatives into broader customer experience strategies.
  • Customer-Centric
    Customer experience professionals deploy innovative loyalty programs that can help retain existing customers, acquire new customers and increase customer lifetime value by delivering unmatched experiences across all touchpoints in the customer journey.
  • Powerful
    Customer experience professionals can focus on growing their business with a truly scalable platform that delivers enterprise-grade performance and security.

"Not only does it cost seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, but a loyal customer can help an organization acquire more customers, increase revenue and differentiate its products or services," said Katrina Gosek, senior director, digital customer product strategy, Oracle. "While the business benefits of building and maintaining loyal customers are clear, it can be extremely expensive and complex. Oracle Loyalty helps remove these barriers and build customer loyalty through integrated, engaging customer experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle."