Leading brands are purposely refreshing or redesigning loyalty program mechanics with new strategies and technologies to materially change how they engage with their valued customers. The latest set of new and rejuvenated loyalty programs provide customers with more choice, greater transparency, exclusivity, and value. They also remove unnecessary points of friction. This article is copyright 2019 The Best Customer Guide.

The forces driving this furious pace of change need to be better understood and prioritized by marketers, service providers, and C-suite executives. Brands that recognise and prioritise these key drivers of change will be positioned for high performance in the arena of digital customer marketing. Those attempting to do otherwise will disenfranchise their customers and lose.

Where, what, why, and who?
Being held at the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, this conference promises to show you how to make sure that your customers know they are truly valued and reinforce the promise of a Customer-Centric journey in your enterprise.

Those attending will typically be mid- to senior-level marketers with an interest in building the most effective customer strategy you can offer to your best customers, senior management, and stakeholders. Whether you"re an airline, a card marketer, a hotelier, a retailer, or a B2B provider, you"ll find invaluable insight at the Loyalty Academy 2019 Conference - and your opinions will be in high demand.

"This is the closest our industry can come to a doctorate consortium. It's the think tank of loyalty."
- Dave Andreadakis, Chief Strategy Officer for Kobie Marketing

For the full agenda and registration details, visit the conference web site: https://loyaltyacademy.org/loyalty-academy-2019-conference/