Swrve, real-time multi-channel customer engagement platform provider, joined forces with Bluedot Innovation, a location-as-a-service technology provider, aiming to enable its clients to increasingly optimise their marketing campaigns using location-based targeting, triggering and analytics for mobile engagement and for both greater reach and relevance via in-app, push, SMS, e-mail, web and other marketing channels. This article is copyright 2018 The Best Customer Guide.

Consumers today are bombarded with branded digital messages across channels - in-app, push, SMS, web, email, social - and in response have developed strong convictions about how and when they would like to receive communications.

In fact, today the average consumer uses 7 devices and more than 20 channels, and spends 7 out of every 10 digital minutes on a mobile device, and 9 out of 10 of those minutes within apps. Location services provide both place and time to invite interactions in a context that customers find relevant to them. As a result, brands can drive higher conversions and response rates with location-triggered multi-channel campaigns than traditional marketing efforts.

In the words of Bluedot CEO and Co-Founder Emil Davityan, "Our partnership with Swrve will enable contextual analytics and engagement that puts the customer at the center of the mobile experience. Leveraging a customer's location ensures relevant experiences at the right time in the buying journey and high conversion omnichannel engagement for enterprises."

Swrve has begun offering Bluedot's location services to its customers. One use case underway includes a Swrve customer sending in-app promotions to their customers as they enter a coffee chain venue.

Swrve clients have always had access to real-time behavior processing, A/B testing, and geo-location services for multi-channel marketing campaigns. With the new Bluedot partnership geo-location services that contribute to targeting, triggering and analytics will be greatly enhanced with high-fidelity location data, virtual locations that can be mapped to any commercial environment as precisely as 5 metres.

Swrve clients can now activate or deactivate locations based on any internal data, such as demographic data, purchasing history, in-app behavior or external data such as the local weather. These location triggers can be set programmatically to exist only for specific customer segments or individual customers.

Use cases in other areas
Other use cases and industries where such hyper-targeting, location-based segmentation could potentially be useful include:

  • Deliver relevant offers to customers who arrive at or leave a geofenced location, or if they have dwelled for a certain period of time
  • Intercept customers at your competitors' locations with 'geo-conquesting' campaigns
  • Build granular customer profiles by collecting behavioral and location relevant data about customers at any location or premise, even those you don't own
  • Utilize contextual insights to re-target any channel - mobile, email, web, social
  • Turbo-charge a loyalty program by prompting customers at the exact time and place they can use their membership
  • Measure ROI of campaigns by comparing foot traffic across different locations