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The Best Customer Guide Editorial Desk

This is where you can send us details of any news, research, white papers, feature articles you want to write (or have already written!), or even just tip-offs about things we haven't written up that you think we should have.

Send us an official News Release

Use this page to send us your official Press Releases, and we'll be delighted to consider them for our editorial coverage. We can't promise to write about everything we receive, but we'll do our best for you!

Got an Article you want to publish?

We're always on the look-out for experts in the field who want to share their knowledge, experience and opinions... so if you've got an idea for an article - or have already written one - that you think our readers would be interested in, please share it with us here. Thanks!

Give us a tip-off about something

If you've heard about something that you think we should write about, use this page to let us know about it. It doesn't matter if you haven't got all the details, or if it's even just a rumour at this stage, tell us and we'll investigate it properly.

Track your News Release's progress

When you've sent something for our Editors to consider, you can use this page to track how far it's got, using the reference number we provide when you submit it.

Looking for our Editorial Calendar?

We're always looking for Feature Article, Opinion, and White Paper contributors for the whole spectrum of topics and subject areas we deal with. But don't feel restricted by our calendar - we'll always be pleased to consider anything you have to offer us!

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