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  • Three key steps to understanding Marketing Analytics
  • Consumers turn to private brands for value, not price
  • Many FFP members don't know how to redeem miles
  • Consumers don't care for brands' social or mobile channels
  • British consumers say they aren't ready for AI
  • Data Strategy holds the key to FSI Customer Loyalty
  • Grocery retailers lack expertise to monetise their data
  • What are the world class CX leaders doing right?
  • How AI and IoT combined puts you ahead of the market
  • Digital Marketing Leaders Summit 2019 (Hong Kong)
  • 5 Marketing questions local business owners should ask
  • Digital Marketing Leaders Summit 2019 (Hong Kong)
  • What Customer Experiences will look like in 2030
  • Digital Marketing Leaders Summit 2019 (Hong Kong)
  • Marketers have a 'coin-operated' view of their customers
  • Digital Marketing Leaders Summit 2019 (Hong Kong)
  • B2B Online Europe 2019 (Spain)
  • Digital Marketing Leaders Summit 2019 (Hong Kong)
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