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Associates of The Best Customer Guide

Please feel free to search our roster of Associates, Fellowships, and Thought Leaders to find the people and companies you need to answer your questions, to provide information, or even to team up with.

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You can search for any combination of single words, names or multi-word phrases. Phrases (words that must be found together) should be "in double quotes like this".

You can start any word or phrase with a + (e.g. +loyalty or +"best customers") to ensure your search results do contain that word or phrase.

Similarly, you can use a minus sign (a hyphen) to exclude results containing a word or phrase (e.g. -insurance or -"life insurance").

Note that the most common words (e.g. 'the', 'and' and so on) are not searched for unless they're part of a phrase (i.e. in quote marks).


World-wide, companies are on the look-out for genuine, certified experts to help take their businesses where they want to go, to help them grow their operations, provide better services, make better products, increase sales and profits, build their market share, and increase the value of their business. And it's the Certified Experts who get the first shot at the most important job postings, consultancies, contracts, and partnership opportunities.

Every year hundreds of professionals - both new and long-established - register as an Associate of The Best Customer Guide, giving them an annually-updated Certificate of Best Customer Management, plus the pretigious A.BCM letters after their name. Our Certificate is known the world over and is sure to be respected by potential clients, partners and employers alike.

Join our Associates Program to get your own Best Customer Management Certificate and to use the letters A.BCM after your name, along with all the other benefits and opportunties that consistently keep our Associate Members ahead of the competition.

Get your Associate Membership and BCM Certificate now, and reap the rewards!

 1 YEAR (£80.00)   2 YEARS (£160.00)   5 YEARS (£320.00) 

Associate Membership and Certification now costs only £80.00 a year (or only £320.00 for 5 years, saving you £80.00), and there's no need to pass an entrance exam or have degree-level qualifications.

How will I benefit from being an Associate?

  • Get your Best Customer Marketing Certificate of Association to display online or to print and frame
  • Significantly greater personal status within the industry, worldwide
  • You can use the presigious letters A.BCM after your name to show you're a practising BCM expert
  • You have the right to use our exclusive 'Best Customer Marketer' badge of honour, both online and in print
  • Gain access to our expert panel of Thought Leaders, to run ideas or questions past them in complete confidence and get their advice - often for free... you can save yourself hours of back-breaking research!
  • Write, update and email your own research notes, linked up with the original articles, and with your own keywords added for per-project or per-topic searching later on
  • Get the right to reproduce up to 6 web-site articles every year from The Best Customer Guide in your own personal blog or publication (all articles used must be credited appropriately)

What's expected of me?

  • There are no major requirements for our Associate Members, other than to make good use of the features and benefits we provide, and to use your privileged 'post-nomial' (the A.BCM letters after your name) whenever you can.
  • Whenever you advertise or promote yourself, online or offline, you have the right to display or print our 'Best Customer Management' badge of honour
  • You will be able to publish and update your own Associate's Profile page on our web site, which means providing your contact details (to enable new clients or prospective employers to contact you) and as thorough a write-up as possible about your background and services - you can also link out to your own site to help improve your own search rankings
  • Your Associate Membership fee needs to be paid before your start date or renewal date otherwise your membership position may be offered to someone else. But don't worry - we'll always let you know when it's due, long in advance. Payments can be made using any MasterCard or Visa card.

Click below to become an Associate Member of The Best Customer Guide, receive your A.BCM Certificate, and be part of the world's fastest-growing Best Customer initiative!

Yes, I want to be an Associate Member, starting today!

 1 YEAR (£80.00)   2 YEARS (£160.00)   5 YEARS (£320.00) 

Get Your BCM Certificate or Diploma!

We offer professional career development courses in Best Customer Marketing, resulting in a full Fellowship and Diploma (the F.BCM career qualification), or we also provide Associate Memberships for those who simply want to be Certified BCM Practitioners (the A.BCM professional certificate).

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