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A goldmine of strategies and hard facts to get your Marketing Playbook right, first time
The Best Customer Guide provides marketing pros with free and unbiased news, research, know-how, and hard-to-find facts & figures to help make more out of your customers!

Millennials & Gen Z see pandemic as a chance to improve

Optimistic consumers support businesses that aid society

5 Aug 2020

52% Of marketers increased spend after pandemic started

Marketing innovation has become critically important

3 Aug 2020

Brand trust in Canada is at an all-time low, study finds

Consumers are increasingly skeptical of brand values

28 Jul 2020

Online meetings haven't damaged B2B client loyalty

B2B clients stayed loyal despite having to meet online

24 Jul 2020

Customer Experience Index reveals dramatic improvement

CX differentiation is vital to post-pandemic success

21 Jul 2020

As US re-opens, CPG spending is up 21% year-on-year

Shoppers stocking up on baking ingredients and meat

15 Jul 2020

Wyndham Rewards eases member level requirements

Members gain status after as few as 3 nights away

9 Jul 2020

COVID-19 pushed shoppers to switch retailers & brands

So what do consumers buy, and what do they value?

6 Jul 2020

A better digital customer experience improves loyalty

Insurers set to benefit from new CX opportunities

1 Jul 2020

Men will pay more than women for good service

Women have more pet peeves about call centres

25 Jun 2020

Data problems hamper great customer experiences

When it comes to customer data, more is often less

22 Jun 2020

Almost all marketers now practice 'agile' marketing

Despite all those consumer data privacy regulations

17 Jun 2020

How consumers choose their 'go to' small businesses

Loyalty is often to a particular employee, not the store

11 Jun 2020

Brand loyalty programs are critical during a pandemic

But what are customers' true reward expectations?

8 Jun 2020

ChatBots market to be worth US$9.17 billion by 2025

That's an annual growth rate of 21.95%

3 Jun 2020

Critical role of customer service reinforced by pandemic

Service requests are up 17% but agents lack tools

28 May 2020

Consumers making long-term switch to digital channels

But 61% are disappointed by brands' online response

25 May 2020

Air Canada offers a sneak peak at new Aeroplan features

Everyone can now bid their miles for flight upgrades

19 May 2020

What are CostCo's key success factors?

Let's look at why CostCo is so successful

18 May 2020

Top five customer service technology trends for 2020

What's impacting customer service organizations most?

14 May 2020

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